I am filled with spirit

inflates my lung with
strong breath
like from a billows

Cool night air comes through the window
animated fingers in a caressing wave,
ingredient infusing the gripped
stuffy determined closed
goal orientation
of my

So many ways to be filled with air
like taste-testing I love Yous

Cool, sweet air
(I love You)

Warm, muggy,
tomato-growing air

Chirpy cricket laden

with intentional burning
of incense

Synchronized air
anticipating Pavlovian mindfulness reminders
from temple bells

Air that keens the ears
and freshens
our blooded beings

~ Lady

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I’d like to write on the fabric in indelible ink:
vast fabric, well-considered writing

Fabric of concern and
fabric of solution

Fabric of holding together
and fabric of good changes

My fabric is a quilt,
a large quilt permeating
this Reality

In the part that is Mother Earth,
I write bees and birds, trees
and hugs

They’re already there, too–
I’m just asserting them more
for wide margin

The fabric contains all peoples,
be they people who identify as nations
or not, as belonging
or not

They belong to the fabric

The fabric has medicines
to heal that which has been
ailing us

The ailment a kind of
mass mental illness, the
mass mental illness of anger, hate,
fear, jealousy, apathy

Beholding this fabric
is one of many ways to heal
the mental illness… just writing
about it heals a lot

There are other Agencies of healing,
and Ways of realizing better ways
of being, some of which are
all-encompassing synonyms
for each other

Some see the agencies of Christ,
Krishna, Buddha, Great Spirit, Mohammed,
Faith, Rationality, Good Practices, Mother Earth,
the Dogons

One Way is to coalesce various ideas into
the idea of this fabric, for much of Reality can
be picked up this way–idea a handle for
bringing into being something
to be examined, realized

~ Lady

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Buttresses supporting buttresses
laws of lowest common denominator relations
of making the relations that which is best, which is
the trust you had as a kid, all that you believed back then
if you were in good circumstance

Helping that kid in the past
have had good reason to believe
by making the relations that you have
as an adult in the present solid pure land
lowest common denominator relations, where
lowest common denominator doesn’t mean
something derogatory but rather solid foundation
for infrastructure, buttress for repeat belief

Where adult means someone savory and wise
and childlike means someone sacred and new
and people get padding from pillars
lots of room to unscrew up

~ Lady

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First time beekeeper
diving into the deep end of
ancient tradition, cachunking myself–
a shiny modern cog–direct into the machinery
of the gooey web of life

Little furry bodies buzzing around my mind
bees I’m going to meet, eyes peeking out of box
flowing fuzzy body mass

When the actuality of Christs and Buddhas manifest
they do it in a renewed body of beekeepers and treekeepers–
identity spread around in collective body, the dharma body of
transcendental Reality deciding to mulch itself into material hands
doing things to renew, repair, grow, garden, a kind of reversal
of entropy, or at least making good use of entropy, like it’s
some humus out of which we sprout lotuses
the organically grown perfection
of smooth petal valleys

~ Lady

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I’m thinking of riding a smile–
when I dismount, going to neutral.
But riding a smile and when I dismount
realizing I’m dismounting and when
I mount, enjoying it or not even
realizing it consciously but
just enjoying the bloom

Like riding my breath if I need to,
I’m thinking about smiling and riding
my breath, about the crease and
pressure between my eyes and why
too strong a planned smile
hurts it

Perhaps just a gentle smile is what
I need, like the Mona Lisa, a Mona Lisa
smile, something that holds the treeline
and the waters or something that is held
by treeline and waters

I’m thinking about riding a smile
and my breath like holding reins on myself
with cultivation, like filing my nails and
grooming well, mental exercises,
work and leisure, remembering

A carefully planted bloom, actually,
until thinking about riding this smile
and this breath trails off–consciousness
like a cirrus cloud I’ve groomed

~ Lady

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Some nice ways of being

Some nice ways of being:

Artistic • Asleep • Awake • Comfortable • Compassionate • Curious • Devoted • Energetic • Friendly • Gentle • Happy • Helpful • Hungry • Intellectual • Meditative • Poetic • Relaxed • Reverent • Sated

Fun things to do that might feel retro but shouldn’t:

Read the paper • Clean the floors with vinegar on hands and knees • Sit and look at the ceiling • Make some art • Get a nice new outfit every now and then • Take some minor issue to the repair shop to save a bundle, pick it up and feel satisfied • Go to the beach for a whole afternoon • Walk around downtown for an evening • Do some kind of craft • Take a class • Listen to a whole album with someone without doing something else – not multitasking so much! • Let some things drop off the to-do list if they don’t actually have to be done • Go ahead and cut corners on some activities sometimes so you can do what’s really important • Tend to your relationships via fun, easy means – games like Parcheesi • Go to a church or some kind of nice community gathering • Read a whole book in one sitting

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We can look in each other’s eyes
and see our right-to-respect

Thoughts are behind the eyes of all and
feelings in the heart

This person who’s a bit different
is different in this way and that
and fundamentally we’re
of the same chalk,

Today’s a good day for it
and tomorrow, in graceful ways
organically grown steps and practice,
gathering gently

Casserole dishes carried, stews,
potlucks, dishes and brews
to each other’s gardens,
den dens

Cultural events
the chest carried lightly
just being together good progress
even maybe locking in good enough
in what it can effect

Being together that which nurtures trust,
trust mulch tendering sprouts twisting upward like
Jack climbing the bean stalk to the powerful giant,
the structure of institutions

They can permeate the infrastructure, these sprouts
and it’s all just from togetherness, sharing
food, conversation, working it out
in chunks, detangling knots, or
tossing them aside with
a shrug and a smile

Respect and amnesty to all
just being together,
you and I

~ Lady

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Autotuned discernment, oases, sloths, robots and good cravings

I think I just want to… be. Have the richness around me, the richness of the security of my good relationships, opportunities to create and the oomph to get me into creation mode, opportunities to relax and the relaxedness to get me into relaxation. Some kind of tuning, autotuning like God’s screwdriver is fixing my widget to know proper discernment and to chunk into it.

I want to be like an oasis at times oases are needed. I want my energy field to be such a large oasis that it stimulates oases in others so that the whole thing becomes an oasis, a super oasis. All of reality an oasis. Mm hmm.

I am reminded of the sloth. The sloth can actually be a good worker. The sloth is in the moment with its steady grip on whatever. So I will be focused on the branch of whatever it is I am handling at this moment and give it proper diligence. So if worry is an avenue I am not going to travel it. Because I am traveling the avenue of happy diligence.

And sometimes I can take my cue from robots. They chunk into whatever their gears are supposed to do. That’s what I can do, too. I can put myself into where I am supposed to function and just do it without overthinking. Robots can be pretty good things, pretty good rolemodels. Really!

There’s some good craving. I’ve got some good craving. Such as craving knowledge of God and such as craving being in natural settings. Being in a natural setting is like eating manna. Being in a natural setting is nutrition, health. And our homes are health, too, being in our homes. A variety of settings like ingredients for various delightful recipes.

~ Lady

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Brain makes decision:
do something!

Body’s been at rest,
is now ready

A way out of agitation:
see steps as being swaddled
in this moment, and then…
the subsequent

I was feeling like a spaghetti juggler–
all these strands
but all I have do to is first,
what is required
and then,
what I want to do

What is required
is sometimes
seemingly outside
and sometimes
what is required
is what I
can easily identify
as being what I
want to do

Nice when what I want
is that which comes from
out and in

To know that I care for myself
such that
I handle responsibility
is a form of integration
if I can just remember

Integrating responsibility
into what I want, having fun
with responsibility

Gently stepping into it like
strapping on a pair of pants, buckling
buckles, snapping snaps with precision
or not but just the oompf of getting
myself there
can work too, there’s
LOTS of slack, huge margins
on the sidewalk

I hug the air sometimes
I open my arms and hug it
bring it close to me,

It’s this I’d like to bring to work,
gentle bhakti devotion such that doing
the motion is decorated with flowers
of relaxed yet timely attentiveness

~ Lady

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from our nucleii
the buds of germs
that heft us

Or not healing per se
but maintenance–
maintaining better

Being vibrant
plumes of telomeres
long zippers zipping
and unzipping
as constituent parts
replenish our fabrics,
our waters
our frame

Nucleii kernels of our cells
our cells workers

Smooth chain grain
assembly flow

in the body

Mind contributing to body
minding our body well
mending & maintaining

Pleasing, growing

Little sips of water
purifying, fueling and

Much nutrition,
carbs for quick fuel
or long complex ones for
extracted sessions
steady unloading
long capacitance
the blood

Protein from plants
strong nut magic
strong legume magic
helping our muscles
rebound from tears

The tearing and
subsequent mending
making us stronger

(Work them muscles–
body’s there to be used)

Plant fats
avocado, olive
more again
from nuts, too

Fats carrier waves
for vitamin, mineral

All these kernels, germs
eggs of plants
aiding our existence

a music folding
more wisely
into itself

Better reclamation,
happy fabric for tilling,
fertilizing, recycling,

~ Lady

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