Brain makes decision:
do something!

Body’s been at rest,
is now ready

A way out of agitation:
see steps as being swaddled
in this moment, and then…
the subsequent

I was feeling like a spaghetti juggler–
all these strands
but all I have do to is first,
what is required
and then,
what I want to do

What is required
is sometimes
seemingly outside
and sometimes
what is required
is what I
can easily identify
as being what I
want to do

Nice when what I want
is that which comes from
out and in

To know that I care for myself
such that
I handle responsibility
is a form of integration
if I can just remember

Integrating responsibility
into what I want, having fun
with responsibility

Gently stepping into it like
strapping on a pair of pants, buckling
buckles, snapping snaps with precision
or not but just the oompf of getting
myself there
can work too, there’s
LOTS of slack, huge margins
on the sidewalk

I hug the air sometimes
I open my arms and hug it
bring it close to me,

It’s this I’d like to bring to work,
gentle bhakti devotion such that doing
the motion is decorated with flowers
of relaxed yet timely attentiveness

~ Lady

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