Autotuned discernment, oases, sloths, robots and good cravings

I think I just want to… be. Have the richness around me, the richness of the security of my good relationships, opportunities to create and the oomph to get me into creation mode, opportunities to relax and the relaxedness to get me into relaxation. Some kind of tuning, autotuning like God’s screwdriver is fixing my widget to know proper discernment and to chunk into it.

I want to be like an oasis at times oases are needed. I want my energy field to be such a large oasis that it stimulates oases in others so that the whole thing becomes an oasis, a super oasis. All of reality an oasis. Mm hmm.

I am reminded of the sloth. The sloth can actually be a good worker. The sloth is in the moment with its steady grip on whatever. So I will be focused on the branch of whatever it is I am handling at this moment and give it proper diligence. So if worry is an avenue I am not going to travel it. Because I am traveling the avenue of happy diligence.

And sometimes I can take my cue from robots. They chunk into whatever their gears are supposed to do. That’s what I can do, too. I can put myself into where I am supposed to function and just do it without overthinking. Robots can be pretty good things, pretty good rolemodels. Really!

There’s some good craving. I’ve got some good craving. Such as craving knowledge of God and such as craving being in natural settings. Being in a natural setting is like eating manna. Being in a natural setting is nutrition, health. And our homes are health, too, being in our homes. A variety of settings like ingredients for various delightful recipes.

~ Lady

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