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Learning the Toolkits

I see myself sometimes as a programmer &/or a worker who has all these options available–that there are all kinds of options available for interesting improvements in my life. Options that require practice and learning. Continue reading

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Come, thee, and suffer less

Photos from Heron Boardwalk Trail Continue reading

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Sometimes, sometimes

I wonder at what point other than midnight Saturday night turns into Sunday morning. Continue reading

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Jam like all the sweet stuff

How can I slow down and actually enjoy these uberly-heavenly spots when I encounter them? These jam spots? I would like to do that. I got a big brimmed hat for it. Continue reading

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Contemporary Country

Some things I do like about contemporary Country music is that it typically is so much about honoring one’s relationships with people, with the land and being at peace with one’s occupation. Continue reading

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Facebook & Proper Attentiveness

When I am overly concerned about seeing that people have validated me on Facebook, or even just relying on it as a first stop for entertainment, I am not looking as much as I need to on the inside and within my immediate family and not practicing slow entertainment enough. Continue reading

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High Thread Count

When I think of material, I immediately think of cloth, of that plant stuff that is woven. It used to be that the stuff was picked by hand, spun into thread by industrious people, woven in the loom. Continue reading

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Ways of being

The conventional implication of being able to write on this topic is that one has found sufficient resources within herself to be an assured expert on the topic, that she should have accomplished at least a modicum of inner peace… Continue reading

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