from our nucleii
the buds of germs
that heft us

Or not healing per se
but maintenance–
maintaining better

Being vibrant
plumes of telomeres
long zippers zipping
and unzipping
as constituent parts
replenish our fabrics,
our waters
our frame

Nucleii kernels of our cells
our cells workers

Smooth chain grain
assembly flow

in the body

Mind contributing to body
minding our body well
mending & maintaining

Pleasing, growing

Little sips of water
purifying, fueling and

Much nutrition,
carbs for quick fuel
or long complex ones for
extracted sessions
steady unloading
long capacitance
the blood

Protein from plants
strong nut magic
strong legume magic
helping our muscles
rebound from tears

The tearing and
subsequent mending
making us stronger

(Work them muscles–
body’s there to be used)

Plant fats
avocado, olive
more again
from nuts, too

Fats carrier waves
for vitamin, mineral

All these kernels, germs
eggs of plants
aiding our existence

a music folding
more wisely
into itself

Better reclamation,
happy fabric for tilling,
fertilizing, recycling,

~ Lady

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