We can look in each other’s eyes
and see our right-to-respect

Thoughts are behind the eyes of all and
feelings in the heart

This person who’s a bit different
is different in this way and that
and fundamentally we’re
of the same chalk,

Today’s a good day for it
and tomorrow, in graceful ways
organically grown steps and practice,
gathering gently

Casserole dishes carried, stews,
potlucks, dishes and brews
to each other’s gardens,
den dens

Cultural events
the chest carried lightly
just being together good progress
even maybe locking in good enough
in what it can effect

Being together that which nurtures trust,
trust mulch tendering sprouts twisting upward like
Jack climbing the bean stalk to the powerful giant,
the structure of institutions

They can permeate the infrastructure, these sprouts
and it’s all just from togetherness, sharing
food, conversation, working it out
in chunks, detangling knots, or
tossing them aside with
a shrug and a smile

Respect and amnesty to all
just being together,
you and I

~ Lady

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