Some nice ways of being

Some nice ways of being:

Artistic • Asleep • Awake • Comfortable • Compassionate • Curious • Devoted • Energetic • Friendly • Gentle • Happy • Helpful • Hungry • Intellectual • Meditative • Poetic • Relaxed • Reverent • Sated

Fun things to do that might feel retro but shouldn’t:

Read the paper • Clean the floors with vinegar on hands and knees • Sit and look at the ceiling • Make some art • Get a nice new outfit every now and then • Take some minor issue to the repair shop to save a bundle, pick it up and feel satisfied • Go to the beach for a whole afternoon • Walk around downtown for an evening • Do some kind of craft • Take a class • Listen to a whole album with someone without doing something else – not multitasking so much! • Let some things drop off the to-do list if they don’t actually have to be done • Go ahead and cut corners on some activities sometimes so you can do what’s really important • Tend to your relationships via fun, easy means – games like Parcheesi • Go to a church or some kind of nice community gathering • Read a whole book in one sitting

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