I’d like to write on the fabric in indelible ink:
vast fabric, well-considered writing

Fabric of concern and
fabric of solution

Fabric of holding together
and fabric of good changes

My fabric is a quilt,
a large quilt permeating
this Reality

In the part that is Mother Earth,
I write bees and birds, trees
and hugs

They’re already there, too–
I’m just asserting them more
for wide margin

The fabric contains all peoples,
be they people who identify as nations
or not, as belonging
or not

They belong to the fabric

The fabric has medicines
to heal that which has been
ailing us

The ailment a kind of
mass mental illness, the
mass mental illness of anger, hate,
fear, jealousy, apathy

Beholding this fabric
is one of many ways to heal
the mental illness… just writing
about it heals a lot

There are other Agencies of healing,
and Ways of realizing better ways
of being, some of which are
all-encompassing synonyms
for each other

Some see the agencies of Christ,
Krishna, Buddha, Great Spirit, Mohammed,
Faith, Rationality, Good Practices, Mother Earth,
the Dogons

One Way is to coalesce various ideas into
the idea of this fabric, for much of Reality can
be picked up this way–idea a handle for
bringing into being something
to be examined, realized

~ Lady

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